DESTIR, a telepresence robot, gives people a physical presence at work, school or events when they can't be there in person! DESTIR, is created by Double Robotics and is being in utilized in school districts, businesses, and hospitals. Rock Valley College is the first college in the state to host DESTIR (The Double Robot).


DESTIR is being used at Rock Valley College to visit classrooms, host campus clubs, and give campus tours. In addition, DESTIR is being used to invite guest speakers and make it more convenient for out of state students and disabled students the ability to take face to face courses or attend campus events.


DESTIR is best described as Facetime on a segway. The robot is controlled by a web browser or iPhone/iPad app. The person in control can move the segway wheels, and the telescopic arm from sitting level to standing level. The iPad screen that sits on top of the robot can show the face of the controller, a website, or the desktop of the controllers computer.


Watch WIFR interview Professor Chuck Konkol display DESTIR in action. Click here.